3 Ways To Show Your Love For Someone

3 Ways To Show Your Love For Someone

February is celebrated the world over as the month of love. What does love mean to you? Love for a partner, friend, family or love for your job, career, the life you live or love for the world you live in, for humanity, for the blessing to wake up each day knowing not everyone wakes up each morning in the world. Life is short, life it fully and live it well.

And if I can expand on that line…then I’d say love with all of your heart and make sure you express it ever so often. After all, no one ever died of an overdose of love. Did they? While most of us feel the need and the comfort of expressing love to our close ones, we conveniently ignore the rest of the people who make up our world in their own way. If you are running a business, imagine your life without your team who does the daily chores of running the business while you go out and look for new clients. Imagine a great business setup without equally great clients. How would life be? When you commit to your best client and your supplier does not uphold his commitment to you…how would your business be? All these questions got us thinking, and so began a journey in 2002, with a mission to help corporate companies make their teams, clients and associates feel special and loved.

“An ordinary thing can turn into a gift and make someone feel special…when you give it with love.”

While it can be quite a challenge to identify the perfect gift for most occasions, I notice, most companies today prefer gift vouchers, reward points, experience vouchers, and the like. I am personally not a great fan of these, because they take away the joy of a physical gift that has been chosen specially for the recipient and gift wrapped. Can you imagine the joy you felt when someone handed a very neatly packed present and your excitement to open the gift box and see what’s in it? Little joys go a long way in building happy memories.

And so I am super happy to explore 3 great ways to show your love with elan:

Personal gifts – If you know your clients, associates or team mates well and long enough, enjoy great camaraderie and kind of know their taste, investing in a personal use gift may be a good idea. A personal pocket organizer crafted in soft wood with their name engraved, a neck tie with cuff links to match or a hand painted scarf with their name or initials printed or embroidered are all amazing ideas to make them feel extra special and solidify relationships into robust connections that you can mutually leverage at will.

Premium gifts – These are an unmistakable choice when you not only want to impress your best client but also show them that their association is very highly valued. A bottle of the finest liquor, artisan chocolates, vintage time pieces and the likes can be a good pick for this bunch.

Utility gifts – If you are the minimalist kind and believe in doing simple yet effective gifting, then utility products like desktop accessories, hand bound notebooks, stationery hampers and so on are all brilliant ideas to begin with.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the choice of gift, an extra touch with name customizations, special gift wraps, gift tags with personal thank you notes go a long way in adding a touch of class and warmth to any gift you give.

Whenever you gift, you gift with love. Happy gifting!

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