An Online Awards Night Made Super Special

An Online Awards Night

Exotel is a cloud telephony platform that powers communication for enterprises, startups, and small and medium enterprises in India and Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Bangalore since its inception in 2011, Exotel has grown from strength to strength adding more value to its clients, and is recognized as an authority and ace player in this domain today. 

The Need For their upcoming awards night – an online event of recognition for high performing teams and individuals, Exotel was looking for a gifting partner who would be able to home deliver delight in the form of premium gifts and creative awards. They wanted to ensure the virtual teams felt more connected with the organization and continued to be motivated to deliver their best. The unboxing experience of the awards needed to be elevated by ensuring all deliveries were sent on time.

Why They Connected With The Giving Tree
After seeing our website and offerings, Exotel felt that our focus on quality, choice of products and personalization would be a good match for their needs. Our track record of being a pioneer of corporate gifting for the last two decades was an added advantage. 

The Gifting Solution
Premium customized awards with framed certificates (signed by the senior executives) with gourmet chocolates – all packed in a rich black box lined with satin! 

Gifting Impact On Recipients
The employees shot videos while unboxing their awards, completely oblivious to what was in store. They were blown away by the timing, (imagine getting an award delivered to your home when your name is being announced on the virtual event) and were left moist eyed seeing their awards, the messaging on the certificates and the box of chocolates to share with the family and enjoy the celebration. 

Organization Win
The event left the entire team feeling inspired to do their best, a sense of strong connection among each other and the feeling that were all stakeholders and contributors in the success of the organization. 

Our Win
At The Giving Tree we firmly believe that 
– The purpose of gifting is to make every recipient feel valued and significant. 
– The organization gets the highest return on their time and effort invested in the gifting exercise.

To see the entire gifting experience create that connection is the best testimonial for the work we do, each day! 

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