One Size DOES NOT Fit All – Meet The Unusual Teacher

Meet Neeraja Raghavan, Founder Director of Thinking Teacher and author of several books on education. With a doctorate in chemistry from Princeton University and her last serving position as professor at Azim Premji University, her passion to improve the education system is so strong that she gave up the main stream cushioned profession of being […]

Her Inspiring Design Makes Brands Become Powerful

As we celebrate some fantastic women in this world for their many achievements, their humility and their never say die attitude. Women who’ve worked hard, chose to go after their dreams, stood their ground and went after what they thought was the right thing to do….no matter what! Here is one such woman who continues […]

3 Quick Tips To Pick The Perfect Gift For Your Teams And Clients 

Are you a passionate HR head struggling to find the right gifts for your teams and clients? Then this blog is for you. Giving a gift is main stream to most cultures around the world and one that is meant to bring joy to the recipient. In over two decades of being in the gifting […]

Are your gifts – an expense or an investment?

Are your gifts - an expense or an investment

When you buy a gift, regardless of who it is for – your teams, associates or clients, every gift has a purpose to fulfill. At the intrinsic level a gift is meant to make someone feel special and significant. At a deeper level it is a great tool to forge long term relationships with the […]

Why gourmet gifts alone are not a good corporate gifting idea

We live in a time of abundant choice that a myriad brands offer in every conceivable area you enter. From healthcare products, to grocery and apparel, and from gadgets and vacation vouchers to gourmet gifts. As a buyer, a corporate company more often than not is overwhelmed with the choices available between suppliers willing to […]

How do you pick the perfect gift for your foreign delegates without wasting time

If you are a corporate company with offices in different countries, or a single country presence office but with international clients, then you may often find yourself in a position where giving the right gift becomes important and you don’t know where to start looking. With over twenty years of catering to corporate companies for […]

3 quick tips to make your business recession proof

With the world economies displaying dynamic conditions most of the time, what can entrepreneurs selling products and services do to ensure they not only stay afloat but also thrive during these rough weather phases. Being one for over 20 years, I’ve come to understand, no matter what the situation is we need to settle bills, […]

Dos & Don’ts of Gifting this Dassera

Navratri marks the celebration of the victory of peace, courage and knowledge over evil. With the Navaratri festivities on in full swing across the country, it is a great time to meet with family, friends and relatives to enjoy these 9 days of celebrations. Lip smacking delicacies, new clothes, the beautiful decoration of the idols […]

How choosing the right gift can save the environment! 

How choosing the right gift can save the environment!  Gifting is a large part of most cultures around the world and this concept lends itself very well to our current times too. While at the most basic level a gift is a communication of one’s gratitude and appreciation, it has grown deeper over the years […]

6 point checklist to see if your product is an ideal corporate gift or not!

Want to offer your product as a corporate gift – read this first! With the corporate gifting market almost doubling every year, there is an increasing hunger among most product makers to enter their product on a corporate gifting catalogue some how. I say some how, because I see blind desperation in their language, their […]

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