5 Quick Tips To Make ‘Work From Home’ Work For You

An organization thrives on creating shared goals, aligning their teams to chase them with the right ideals and painstakingly builds a work culture to support the same. Large organizations invest a good amount of time and resources to ensure they are able to harness the best out of their employees. Work from home, simply defeats […]

The Secret To Staying Healthy In Covid Times

Are you worried about staying healthy in these Covid times?  The old and timeless adage – ‘Health is Wealth’ is being viewed with a renewed sense of relevance given the times we are living in. The emphasis on good health is at an all time peak. While we are all taking care to maintain social […]

A Case Study On Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifting

Abstract Corporate Gifting has become a part of every large and small organization in the business world today. Research shows that 92% of individuals create a better image of a company when a company supports a social or environmental issue. Organizations want to establish themselves as sustainable and are moving to environment friendly gifting. The […]

One Size DOES NOT Fit All – Meet The Unusual Teacher

Meet Neeraja Raghavan, Founder Director of Thinking Teacher and author of several books on education. With a doctorate in chemistry from Princeton University and her last serving position as professor at Azim Premji University, her passion to improve the education system is so strong that she gave up the main stream cushioned profession of being […]

Her Inspiring Design Makes Brands Become Powerful

As we celebrate some fantastic women in this world for their many achievements, their humility and their never say die attitude. Women who’ve worked hard, chose to go after their dreams, stood their ground and went after what they thought was the right thing to do….no matter what! Here is one such woman who continues […]

3 Quick Tips To Pick The Perfect Gift For Your Teams And Clients 

Are you a passionate HR head struggling to find the right gifts for your teams and clients? Then this blog is for you. Giving a gift is main stream to most cultures around the world and one that is meant to bring joy to the recipient. In over two decades of being in the gifting […]

Are your gifts – An Expense Or An Investment?

Are your gifts - an expense or an investment

When you buy a gift, regardless of who it is for – your teams, associates or clients, every gift has a purpose to fulfill. At the intrinsic level a gift is meant to make someone feel special and significant. At a deeper level it is a great tool to forge long term relationships with the […]

Why Gourmet Gifts Alone Are Not A Good Corporate Gifting Idea

We live in a time of abundant choice that a myriad brands offer in every conceivable area you enter. From healthcare products, to grocery and apparel, and from gadgets and vacation vouchers to gourmet gifts. As a buyer, a corporate company more often than not is overwhelmed with the choices available between suppliers willing to […]

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