One Magic Tool To Stop The Great Attrition!

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A recent Mckinsey report reveals the great attrition wave that has hit the job market and one that will continue to only grow before it stops. In our recent blog we speak about how lack of human connection, purpose and culture are the three main reasons behind this high level of attrition. Is there a […]

Top 3 Challenges That Are Triggering The Great Attrition

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A recent research by Mckinsey highlights an unprecedented rise in employees quitting their jobs. They predict it is going to get worse before it gets better. More than 15 million US workers – and counting, have quit their jobs since April 2021, a record pace disrupting businesses everywhere. A similar trend is seen in India […]

4 Golden Tips To Boost The Happiness Quotient Of Your Teams

Most MNC organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft and even other players across different segments of the industry are quite heavily invested in HR policy creation and its strategic implementation. One of the biggest responsibilities of HR is to ensure the happiness quotient of the teams are taken care of and this ensures people in multiple […]

5 Quick Tips To Make ‘Work From Home’ Work For You

5 Quick Tips To Make ‘Work From Home’ Work For You

An organization thrives on creating shared goals, aligning their teams to chase them with the right ideals and painstakingly builds a work culture to support the same. Large organizations invest a good amount of time and resources to ensure they are able to harness the best out of their employees. Work from home, simply defeats […]

3 Tips To Keep Yourself Hydrated This Summer!

3 Tips To Keep Yourself Hydrated This Summer!

  With the mercury levels in the country rising each day, summers are getting harsher every year. This trend is expected to continue until and unless something is done on a large scale to cut down global warming. So what can you do at an individual level to contribute to a greener and cooler planet, […]

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