Every desk says a story!

Your desk is your give away!

What goes on your desk, tells us a lot about what kind of a person you are. How do you think, how do you work, what excites you, what you dislike and also how you maybe showing up in  the other areas of your life. After all, there is much truth in these lines – How you do one thing is how you do everything.

From the way I see it, I feel there are four kinds of desks you may come across. Each one indicates a different aspect about a personality and helping you change the way your desk looks could create massive impact in your productivity. Read on to know how.

1.A cluttered desk – This one is represented by an overload of things on the desk – right from stationery, to hanging wires from your computer, coasters, knick knacks like picture frames, layers of dust under your keyboard, a used coffee mug, sipper, a watch, maybe your wallet, a key chain – all left around in that one spot until the owner needs to move it or use it.

What it says about the user – This maybe a person who is high on procrastination, will focus only on what’s urgent, may have a confused mind, erratic thinking patterns and is usually restless, perhaps clumsy too.

2. A clean desk – where everything has a space of its own. You may see pen holders, small boxes to hold little things like pen drives, your visiting cards, a coaster appropriately placed below your coffee mug, picture frame kept straight, dust free table top, wires are neatly bundled to the side, nothing is strewn around for want of a proper place, but there is a lot on the table.

What it says about the user – Here is a person who is organized, stable in his thinking, has his priorities list at hand, is well dressed, carries himself with confidence, relaxes easily and has an overall pleasant personality.

3. A messy desk – things you need and those you don’t are all mixed into a spaghetti of sorts. You don’t have time to give away that which you no longer need, or dispose the unnecessary papers and discard old cables, defective pen drives, empty pens, pencil stubs and so on.

What it says about the user – This is a dangerous breed. You may find this user to be sporadic, short tempered or too lazy to even respond to a message on most days, with too many things on the mind, a confused list of priorities, low sense of time management and constantly rushing against time. Can you imagine some people you know with a messy desk? (lol)

4. A minimal desk – has everything you need, neatly placed in drawers, boxes and files. This is a distraction free desk. You may see only a picture frame with loved ones in it, a coffee mug, and a wire free desktop or laptop, clean table top is a given. The owner of this desk will have stringent acceptance rules for any item to go on the desk until and unless it is important, a must have or is beautifully designed, a gift from a loved one and meaningful.

What it says about the user – This is the kind of person everyone likes to be around. Always on top of things, the mindful and thinking kind, high on productivity, good decision maker, understands that a clean environment is imperative for creative work to happen.

The next time you see any of these desks, think of how you can make it a happy place. Come to us so we can help you with the perfect piece that stands out so beautifully on any desk and motivates the recipient to jump from a cluttered, messy or clean desk to a minimal desk with that one inspiring gift occupying the most prominent corner.

Our gifts help you create signature desks with aesthetically designed meaningful products that make you smile and keep you inspired. Our gifts are a reminder that you are special, significant and cared for.

Leena Munot
The Giving Tree

Why T-shirts are a classic promo gift choice!

We live in a day and age of constant struggle to keep our brand in the top of our customer’s mind. Companies across the world spend millions of dollars each year towards this one end. Why? The answer is simple. People are looking for a solution to address a certain need, desire or problem, almost on a daily basis. If your product or service satisfies these, then you ought to be the first person people think of. And how do you achieve that top place in their mind? By regularly indulging in various activities like personal meetings, seminars, exhibitions, networking events, social media and promotional gifts.

While speaking of promotional gifts the markets are flooded with a plethora of options that you can choose from. Gadgets to appliances, stationery to computer accessories and from premium gift hampers to apparel, the list is never ending.

Research shows that the usefulness of a promotional product is the recipient’s number one reason for keeping it.

I fully believe in this, and that’s why every gift we offer goes through this test of being relevant and useful. Speaking of useful gifts – T shirts take the cake! No recipient will find a reason to refuse a well-made T shirt!

Here are a few tips on choosing the right kind to ensure your recipients use these T shirts as a preferred outfit wherever they go, hence increasing your brand recall.

Cheap is Out – Value is In
Gone are the days when cheap sold. Today’s users make a direct correlation between you and the gifts you give. Giving out a cheap T shirt, with quality that does not even last 5 washes, is a sure shot way to wash out any possibility of finding a recall with them. They will have a negative recall about you, and that’s not the purpose of sending out the gifts in the first place. Make sure you indulge in giving out T shirts only when your promo budget can allow that extra spend on a good quality product. At the end of the day, every dime spent on this has to justify a certain Return On Investment (ROI).

Choose the Right Fabric
Pick a fabric that works towards adding extra comfort. Bio wash T shirts are increasingly in trend for this very reason. Bio Wash is a process that makes the fabric smoother, avoids pilling, gives permanent colour and allows your skin to breathe. In addition it is an eco friendly technique and is gentle on your skin, keeping it free from allergies that can be caused by fabrics that are chemically washed.

Keep Boredom at Bay
While you love your brand logo and are even paying for it, remember the end you have in mind – to ensure your brand gets visibility. This is possible only when you keep your logo at a size that is visible yet not overpowering; adding an element of a cool graphic will further align to the user’s preference of your T shirt – not only as work wear, but also as a lifestyle wear, making your brand get more eye balls!

Making some prudent choices can help you ensure that your gifting spends are an investment, not an expense! After all, gifting is about making someone feel special and significant. Do this with much aplomb and class to stand out in the market. I’d go a step ahead and dare you to make a gift that even your competitors want to own.

If you like what you read here and what you see, feel free to share this information and come back for more!

Leena Munot
The Giving Tree





3 mistakes to avoid when you buy gifts!

With the summer all ready to leave and the monsoon waiting to set in, we too have been sweating it out to bring to you the best gifts for this season. Why? Well, that’s the one thing we love to do the most – find new ways to make you and your teams feel super special when they receive a gift that is hand crafted, customized and made with love just for them. While we enjoy doing what we do best, we thought it may be a good idea to help you make the right choices with gifting this year.

Here are 3 mistakes you want to avoid when you choose a channel partner:

1. The hungry one wins: Never sign up with a partner who is slow to revert to your queries on mail, doesn’t return your calls or send you samples on time. How we do one thing is how we do everything!  You want to work with partners / vendors who have an intent to serve you in a way you appreciate and who are hungry enough for more business and growth – this includes prompt, clear and honest communication.

2. Trust me, trust me not: Never place an order of gifts with a new partner just because you are desperate.The best way to avoid this situation is to always have at least 3 to 4 very reliable and trustworthy partners who you’ve known in the past and whose work you have seen. (Don’t shy from asking for references and doing your due diligence)

3. Go local: To make sure you have a stress free time when you look forward to get those gifts, try to source locally as far as possible. It may cost a few bucks extra, but will save you a whole lot of tension that logistical gluts can cause you.(which happen very often, thanks to strikes, weather and some fat lies!)

Remember gifting is about making someone feel special, not about getting super stressed!

You want to be doing this as often as you can to build up your team’s energy, motivation and create an atmosphere of happiness and fun at work. Doing this stress free will go a long way!

It is important to find a channel partner who will help you on how to choose the right gift and make the right impact. Whether it is to thank a client, or impress an associate, make sure you do enough ground work before you say YES to any gifting idea this season. We are India’s most innovative corporate gift house, and there are plenty of reasons that make us the best!

Leena Munot
The Giving Tree