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As we celebrate some fantastic women in this world for their many achievements, their humility and their never say die attitude. Women who’ve worked hard, chose to go after their dreams, stood their ground and went after what they thought was the right thing to do….no matter what! Here is one such woman who continues to inspire the world and make it a better place with her design.

The Giving Tree celebrates women WHO MAKE IT HAPPEN all through this month….as a run-up to Women’s Day!!!

Meet Deepa Shah, the vivacious, micro meticulous, uber creative designer and founder of Design Souk, a Bangalore-based graphic design studio. Her personalised approach and a natural flair for design, flexibility and deep understanding of print media, makes Deepa our absolute favourite! She partners with brands at different stages of their life, developing the core design concept and then translating it into the various touch points of the brand. She literally breathes life into most of the products at The Giving Tree too!

Her approach is led by clarity in thought, a deep understanding of the messaging her work is going to do and merging the vision of the business into her design. A healthy combination of these elements make her design highly attractive, innovative and inspiring. This Bangalore based designer relishes thought provoking conversations, is passionate about the environment, loves Masala Dosa and brings valubale authenicity and priceless aesthetics to all the work she does, making her a favourite with almost all her clients.

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