How To Make Sure You Don’t Buy… Just Another Useless Gift!

When was the last time you opened a gift box and said….REALLY? Moments that are meant to bring joy, sometimes end up bringing the giver a sense of embarassment and the receiver some share of anger and upset.

Have you even been on the giving or receiving side of such gifts…which end up making you feel, ‘oh come on, it’s a hands-me-down gift or a passing-the-parcel gift, or a gift that you have absolutely no use for…like the comb to a bald person!

Be honest. Most of us have been there before…!

Here are 3 ways to steer clear of this in the future:

1. Buy a voucher – when you don’t know the person well enough never take a chance – go safe, buy a gift voucher for a place where he/she can get enough options to choose from.

2. Pass the parcel – These are those gifts that you can’t throw and you can’t use either. Reasons could be many – your favourite aunt got you this, how can you give it away? Or you got it as a recognition at work for a milestone achieved…whatever the reason, if you don’t need it, pass it on. The only thing you want to be careful about here is make sure there is no gift tag inside the box, the person you are passing it to has a genuine need for this item, and that it is not damaged!

3. Ask a close friend – If gift vouchers are not your thing, ask a close friend of the receiver and find out their tastes and preferences. Then pick the gift so you know you are on the right track.

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Leena Munot

The Giving Tree

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