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Appreciation Plaque


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Instant gifts for the WORK FROM HOME / FRONTLINE superheroes! Single Gift Double Delight!

Are your teams working over time from home to support your organization so you can continue to serve your clients? Then this could be a perfect gift to surprise them! Because remember a happy work force is an inspired and productive workforce.

We’ve been in the business of spreading happiness across the globe for over two decades through the original gifts we make. At these times, we understand that people need to feel joy and a sense of belonging more than ever. Here is a little gift you can send them without leaving your home and they can receive without leaving their home too.

Appreciation Plaque – Is a desktop plaque with appreciation written all over it and a gentle reminder to let you know that you are appreciated for who you are! It is sure to add a touch of warmth to the space it is in. 

How it works:

  1. Send us your confirmation by mail to mala@thegivingtree.in
  2. Receive the digital APPRECIATION PLAQUE poster from us, on your email – within 2 hours!
  3. Send these to your teams instantly! (First Delight)
  4. When the lockdown lifts, we send you the physical gift, in a beautiful gift wrap and so you can add a second dollop of sunshine to their day! (Second Delight)

BONUS – If you share the names list with us, we will be happy to insert individual names in each poster, so it becomes a very personalised gift.

P.S. : The colour of the physical product may not be the same as the image. It will be an assorted happy colour for sure!

Material – Paper Product – With hardboard casing
Weight: 60 gms
Dimension: 16 x 8 cms
GST: extra







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