Portable UV Steriliser Stick

UV-C TECHNOLOGY-This Sterilization Stick comes with advanced UV-C light technology, which is designed to sterilize and disinfect upto 99% of germs, effectively. It significantly reduces the risk of virus

FOLDABLE & PORTABLE DESIGN-It is also very lightweight and portable, so you can carry it anywhere, anytime. Simply wave the sterilization stick on the object you want to disinfect

TWINS POWER SUPPLY-The device can be powered either by a USB connection (but cannot be charged), or by internal rechargeable 4 AAA batteries, so you can use it anywhere

GRAVITY SENSOR-The device also comes with a fully enabled, ultra-modern Gravity-Sensor, which ensures user safety, designed to automatically shut off once the sanitizer stick has turned over

PROTECTION FROM HARMFUL CHEMICALS-It uses UV-C light to erase germs, while protecting your items. It safely sanitizes items like keyboards, phones, tableware, glasses, kitchen utensils, face masks

12 Months Warranty

Minimum Order Quantity of less than 50 nos.

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  • Minimum Order Quantity 100 nos.
  • Customization includes print logo in a single colour.
  • Shipping costs extra based on delivery location.
  • We ship across the globe!
  • Prices and availability subject to change.
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leena munot
leena munot
Shobha Rani- SCG Career pvt Ltd
Shobha Rani- SCG Career pvt Ltd
beerajaah sswain
beerajaah sswain
Fantastic assortment of unique gifts. Leena and Mala are an awesome team! You will never be disappointed....
kajol bhatia
kajol bhatia
We tried the Sambar and Rasam powder, it was absolutely tasty. Everyone loved the typical South Indian flavor. So... one can use it and be sure its going to be an enjoyable meal.
Vijita Kapoor
Vijita Kapoor
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