Face Mask – KN 95 (Portronics)


  • Superior KN95 Protection: This mask offers protection not only from harmful pollutants including PM2.5, automobile gases, and fine dust but also from Bacteria, Virus & other microorganisms
  • 95 Degree Filtration Efficiency: With 5 layer filtration, you get reasonably high safety and protection from health hazards and stay confident in even public. However please DO NOT touch your mouth, nose, eyes, ears without washing your hands for better results
  • Ease & Comfort: Made from the softest material, the face mask can be worn with ease for all sizes of face and head and is comfortable even for prolonged wearing. No N95 masks are washable or reusable. Re-using brings down protection drastically
  • Ideal Gift For All: This mask can protect your entire family and community. You can gift it to others as it’s the best form of gift with social responsibility
  • One Mask, Multiple Activities: Ideal to protect you when you are out and about, eg in public transport, buses, metro trains, hospitals, offices, malls, cinema halls, social gatherings, religious places, and so on

GST 5%

  • Minimum Order Quantity 100 nos.
  • Customization includes print logo in a single colour.
  • Shipping costs extra based on delivery location.
  • We ship across the globe!
  • Prices and availability subject to change.
  • Need more customization based on your specific requirements? Get in touch with us today!


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