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Harmonics Klip 4


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Retractable Bluetooth Music & Calling Earphone

Because Connectivity matters : We know staying connected on-the-go can be stressful. With the Harmonics Klip 4, stay connected with the press of a single button. Sleek dsign, crafted to fit sungly on your collar, letting you make or receive phone calls with no hassle. Latest Bluetooth & Qualcomm chipsets ensure rapid connectivity, and power efficiency.

Multitask with the Harmonic Klip 4: Who doesn’t like getting multiple things done, at once? Grab the Klip 4 on your jog, while playing with your kid, or even while you’re working at home. Simultaneously take or make calls, while hands-free, and risk-free! Its sturdy but comfortable body lets you experience freedom and convenience like never before.

Ergonomic Design : In-built Mic, designed to deliver the highest performance and audio quality standards for the most optimized and accurate audio experience. An added 30cm retractable wire is all you need to experience maximum comfort, wherever you are! Not to mention lightweight, like all Portronics products.

Level up on the Boss : No more call dropping due to weak connectivity of your headset or smartphone. With an advanced chipset for efficient connection, hear clean noise along with maintaining a strong connection. Not only does it provide an amazing call experience, the added wireless music feature is definitely an added bonus.

Multipoint Connectivity : The  Harmonics Klip 4 Bluetooth earphone has a high-tech Qualcomm chipset, enabling multi-phone connectivity. Don’t stay limited to a single device, Connect the bluetooth headset easily with two smartphones at a time, and stay on-the-go, with absolute freedom of movement.

In-built Battery : Incredibly fast and easy to setup, the headset is extremely power efficient and prevents lagging, so you never have to compromise on connectivity and freedom. The in-built, massive 100 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery provides an impressive 7+ hour continuous talk time on a single charge.

Connect & Control : Adapt to the best of wireless technology and fully touch-controlled experiences with the Klip 4. Its elegant design and body enables one click control for all navigation.. Single, Multifunction button takes care of almost everything, from calls, music, audio, etc. Intuitive and useful, the universal and extremely comfortable design is an absolute must-have.

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leena munot
leena munot
Shobha Rani- SCG Career pvt Ltd
Shobha Rani- SCG Career pvt Ltd
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beerajaah sswain
Fantastic assortment of unique gifts. Leena and Mala are an awesome team! You will never be disappointed....
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kajol bhatia
We tried the Sambar and Rasam powder, it was absolutely tasty. Everyone loved the typical South Indian flavor. So... one can use it and be sure its going to be an enjoyable meal.
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Vijita Kapoor
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