No Rinse Hand Sanitizer


100 ml -@ 45/-

500 ml without pump -@ 210/-

500 ml with pump -@ 230/-

5 ltr -@  1775/-

1. Function: Kill bacteria. In the flu season, this hand sanitizer can effectively prevent the spread of bacterial diseases.
2. Ingredients: Contains pure natural aloe and vitamin E, and 70 ± 5% alcohol, does not contain other irritating synthetic chemicals, making your skin smoother.
3. How to use: squeeze the gel on your hand, then rubbing the palms of the hands repeatedly, knead for more than one minute until completely evaporated.

GST: 18%

  • Minimum Order Quantity 100 nos.
  • Customization includes print logo in a single colour.
  • Shipping costs extra based on delivery location.
  • We ship across the globe!
  • Prices and availability subject to change.
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