Steel Straw


No more plastic waste when you sip on your favourite smoothie or drink. These steel straws are a great relief for the environment and for you. Each straw comes with a cleaning brush to ensure ease in washing and reusing the same. Use these straws for yourself and as gifts and together let’s make the planet more clean and green.

Plastic straws are one of the deadliest plastic products, killing thousands of marine life each day. The Pack of Eco-Friendly Reusable Steel Straws (Food Grade) and Eco Cleaner are an excellent alternative to this massive problem of plastic pollution. The straws come in their own cloth pouches with a cleaner brush. This is 100% eco-friendly product as even the cleaner brush is made from coconut coir. It fits perfectly in your bag and is ideal to carry along on your cocktail nights or even for a quick drink by the coconut water stall. It is a sure shot way to decrease your plastic straw footprint with a long-lasting, sustainable alternative.

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MOQ 50 nos

GST @ 18% extra

Branding options possible!


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