The purpose of entrepreneurship and business is to grow and contribute to the community. This is the ultimate joy of expanding an organization’s scope of influence. From its employees, stakeholders, associates, and clients to the community at large.

Having said that we were on a search to partner with an organization that resonates with our values – and that’s when our trust landed on Janarakshita, a Mumbai-based outfit that has been doing groundbreaking work in the areas of supporting cancer and education in a large way for over a decade now.

The great news is, that we share a margin of our profits with Janarakshita – this means, you as a client are a direct support to the community when you work with The Giving Tree! And this brings us much joy and pride in what we do!

Jana Rakshita charitable organization

Jana Rakshita is a charitable organization that has dedicated trustees and volunteers who have made it their life’s mission to bring about aid, education, hope and joy to the lives of many in India. They focus on providing financial, medical and social support to under privileged pediatric cancer patients. Jana Rakshita is also dedicated to the cause of providing infrastructure facilities including sanitation facilities for Adivasi schools, which grossly lack basic facilities. They remain committed to reaching out to as many schools as possible to facilitate the dreams of under privileged children across India. Since its inception in 2004, Jana Rakshita has touched the lives of over 2000 people and with the help of its faithful volunteers and supporters is looking to make an impact in the lives of disadvantaged pediatric cancer patients, underprivileged children, and people in need.

Meet the person who creates this magic

Kala Shyamsunder is a chemistry major, qualified in computer applications who quit her job as a software programmer to follow her true calling. For over 25 years, she has dedicated her life to actively helping the community around her in various ways to make the world a better place to live in. Her tenacity and sensitivity gave hope to hundreds of cancer patients over the years who Kala has not just helped financially but also counselled and provided any support they need. Her passion and commitment over the years have been to help cancer patients and any underprivileged child or adult in need of education or empowerment. Her undying commitment led to the setting up of Jana Rakshita, which now taps into the humanitarian side of many like-minded people to continue to make a difference every day.

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When we were looking to connect with a socially responsible product partner, our search ended in ivillage. A Delhi based NGO, doing ground breaking work in empowering rural communities by training them to create lifestyle products that are high in quality and functionality. We love their vision “To establish and grow a Social enterprise for women empowerment in India that offers high-quality products and services and contributes to the general upliftment of society, specifically by generating employment for rural women and empowering them through social and financial independence.” Their love for all things Indian, springs to new heights, as it gives them an opportunity to share these amazing stories through the products they make. When you buy an ivillage product, you partake in their vision and inspire them to continue on the path to build a strong society. We have been partnering with ivillage over the last few years to support the community and love the fulfillment it brings to us as a team!