If you have any questions or concerns about our policies below, please contact us.

1. What materials are your products made of?

Most of our products are made using natural materials such as handmade paper and ceramic.

2. How do you process handmade paper?

Handmade paper is made one sheet at a time using a blend of paper and fabric waste mixed with natural pigments of colour. These papers are then embellished using different mottles like tea, flowers, leaves or husk. The unevenness in the paper thickness, colour and texture is not a flaw; but these are what gives each sheet of paper an identity of its own. The colour of the paper will also vary slightly from one batch to another.

3. How do you process ceramic?

Ceramic ware is also made using natural and permanent glazes, baked at high temperatures to ensure they are kitchen safe and safe for you to use. Being made by hand and glazed with a hand brush, baked in wooden furnaces, these products may slightly vary in color and shape, rendering each piece a unique look.

4. Does the manufacturing process have variations?

All our products are handcrafted one piece at a time to arrive in your hands as a unique creation. This means that while great care has been taken to ensure you receive a product as seen in the photograph on the website, by virtue of the manufacturing process they go through there may be some variations.

5. I received a damaged/defective product. What do I do?

For products that are damaged in transit, please send us a photograph of the product along with a scanned bill copy to effect a replacement or refund (in case of no stock) within seven days of receipt of the product. Logistics charges to be borne by the customer in case of returns.