Tips for Goal setting with Leena Munot

An interesting conversation with Carla Cabrera on the journey of entrepreneurship and goal setting. Goal setting is fundamental in your personal and private life. Setting goals helps trigger new behaviors, helps guides your focus and helps you sustain that momentum in life.


3 quick tips to get your perfect gift! Always!

Have you ever been on the giving or receiving end of a gift that fell flat terribly? Do you remember how that experience made you feel?

Essentially a gift is meant to make the recipient feel delighted…but more often than not, in our aim to save on price we end up cutting the wrong corners.

Being in the line of corporate gifting for over two decades I’ve seen many clients face the perennial challenge of what gift to buy and how to make it all fit into the budget and still look good. Here is a list of 3 quick tips that will help you stay out of the trap of bad gifting.

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Work From Home Tips

Is the new WFH driving you crazy as a team member or as an organization? Then watch this video to get some easy to use tips that could make WFH easier.

Over 20 years of being in the space of corporate gifting we have worked closely with many HR heads. In these times, we understand they are going through an uphill experience in ensuring their teams are happy, inspired and productive.

This video offers them some useful tips.:)

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How to pick the perfect gift for your foreign delegates by The Giving Tree India

How to pick the perfect gift for your foreign delegates in less than 5 minutes using these tips by Leena Munot, Co-Founder of The Giving Tree.
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After Lockdown – Personal Care Kit, by The Giving Tree

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Instant Gifts – To Show Them You Care – by The Giving Tree

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Immunity Booster, by The Giving Tree

Good health begins with great immunity. Presenting Immunity Booster, a grandma recipe for keeping your immunity levels high and your family healthy. Allow the goodness of desi natural ingredients to refresh, rejuvenate and renew your immunity level so you experience great health and brilliant energy!

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