Vishal Mahesh
I have always been very impressed by the quality, design and above all the creativity they put in all their products at The Giving Tree. They are our most reliable channel partners.
Vishal Mahesh / CEO, Conceptions Corporate Gifting Solutions
Aruna Gopakumar
The files and notebooks draw a lot of attention in our workshops. I find them very innovative and they have come up with some very unusual gift items.
Aruna Gopakumar / Director, Navgati
Gita Ramanan
We strongly recommend the team at The Giving Tree as a gifting partner for every individual and corporate outfit. This testimonial is our way of showing thanks for all the wonderful service and value delivered.
Gita Ramanan / COO, Design Café
Rajiv Talreja
Our clients’ eyes filled up with joy when they read the calendars made by The Giving Tree. Thank you for helping me make my clients feel super special.
Rajiv Talreja / MD, Quantum Leap Learning Solutions
Ajay Bhauwala
"You cannot find such beautiful gifts anywhere else", said my clients who were delighted by the uniqueness of the gifts.
Ajay Bhauwala / Secretary, Rotary Bangalore Junction