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Goal Setting Workshop


Ever felt disconnected from the goals you set? They seem good on paper, and to share with the world, but some part of you does not resonate with them. Activating your dream life is all about setting life goals for yourself in alignment with who you are, what’s important for you and what makes you come alive!

This session will introduce you to a stress free and proven system that helps you set, achieve and celebrate your life goals with ease and grace. It will equip you with some of the best ways to install habits that serve you and your journey as you wake up each day feeling more and more in alignment with what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Key Highlights

  • Get clarity on what goals you need to set and why
  • Learn techniques to help build the right mindset
  • Tools to activate inspired action week after week
  • Daily routine to follow through for transformation

Facilitated by internationally trained instructors who have delivered mutliple public workshops across 3 countries.

Online and Offline training options available.

Terms and Conditions

  • Voucher is valid for 3 months
  • Voucher is non transferable
  • Unused vouchers cannot be redeemed beyond expiry date

MOQ 10 vouchers
GST 18%


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