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Money Conscious Workshop


Money Consciousness – Your journey towards a financially free life!

It is never about how much money you make – it is about how you manage the money you make, that decides your financial future!
Ever wondered why money seems to be playing hide and seek with you? All the hard work, talent and intention some how fails to manifest the kind of money you think you deserve? Money is an energy and once you connect with its core essence, you’ll understand your own relationship with it. Join us as we take you on a 2 hour journey to share some priceless and timeless tools & techniques with you that will help you attract more money into your life with ease and grace.

Key highlights:

  • Identify the conflict you feel around money
  • Experience processes to help you release old patterns
  • Create a new relationship with money
  • Learn time tested techniques to begin your journey towards living a financially free life!

This is a great workshop for teams of size 10 to 25 people per batch, to engage deeply with their money challenges, resolve them and becomes masters of their financial future.

Facilitated by internationally trained instructors who have delivered mutliple public workshops across 3 countries.

Online and Offline training options available.

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