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Notebook (Spiral) With Separators – Eco Theme


This gift set is a result of our love for the environment. What’s good for the environment is good for you. The choice to use less, reuse more, recycle when you can and refuse eco damaging consumerism takes you many steps closer to creating a greener planet for all of us.

Handcrafted, hardbound and handmade paper wiro notebooks with 4 separators to get you organized as you work. Filled with messages of making our planet green and clean, this one is sure to make you smile. Leave these on your desk and brighten your space. Flaunt your new style!

When you buy this gift you contribute to a greener planet!

Pages 160
Weight 325 gms
Dimensions 18 x 14.5 x 3 cms
GST 12%






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