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Souvenir Watercolour Gift Set


Hindustan, Bharat, India… different names that bring to mind a multitude of cultures, a rich history, and landmarks abundant with world-class architecture. Sketched by an artist with love, these landmarks take you down memory lane or make you want to put them on your next travel list. The watercolor effect adds a happy touch that makes each one come alive in all its splendor.

This souvenir set is an apt gift dotted by magnificent landmarks of India with snippets of history that add an extra charm. A notebook with separators to help you jot down your ideas and plan better, a picture frame to forever cherish those happy moments, magnetic bookmarks to make your reading time more delightful and a pen box with a newspaper rolled pens. The outer box makes a great place to collect keepsakes or store stationery.

When you buy this gift you contribute to a greener planet!

Outer Box, Notebook with 4 separators, Picture frame, 5 magnetic bookmarks, 5 newspaper rolled pens in a pen box

Weight 600 gms
Dimensions 32 X 24.5 X 3 cms
GST 12%






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