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Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifting: Making A Positive Impact Beyond The Office Walls

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifting: Making A Positive Impact Beyond The Office Walls

It is the inherent desire and goal of every business to establish deep, enduring relationships with its customers. To achieve this there are many ways like building a high quality network, staying connected through different forums, adding value to the services you provide and indulging in a healthy culture of corporate gifting to create win-win relationships. 

When it comes to corporate gifting, companies that provide sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services typically draw more customers. We live in a time and place where caring for the environment has become a top priority for most organizations. This blog will dive deep into how companies can create a positive impact beyond their office walls by simply adopting eco-friendly corporate gifting practices.

  1. Think Beyond Profits
    Eco-friendly corporate gifting has the power to portray a company as an organisation that goes beyond just making profits. While there is no dearth for non eco gifts, there is an increasing preference for sustainable gift options. Eco-friendly gifts employ sustainable materials for their creation, ensuring lesser resources are used to make gifts. They may be a little more pricey than the other options available. But when companies realise the impact they can create both for them as a brand and for the environment, the chances of opting for eco gifts are higher.

  2. Think Contribution
    These methods have started to gain significance in the business sector as they benefit both the environment and organisations. It strengthens a company’s reputation and brand image to be sustainable in ways that creates an impact. It also presents businesses with the opportunity to demonstrate their concern for the environment. This approach aids in attracting consumers who share and support similar values.

  3. Think Mother Earth
    A healthier environment is produced when gifts are manufactured with sustainable and recycled materials, which significantly lowers the amount of hazardous trash produced as a by-product. Being made from natural resources like bamboo, handmade paper, fabric, acid free paper and so on, they are a better alternative to the harmful chemicals that are used in traditional gifts.

  4. Think Style
    While many might think eco-gifts are just another option, these products are increasingly becoming a perfect blend of sustainability, functionality, and style. Right from day-to-day items like pens and notebooks to mementos and desktop accessories, a lot of products are made from sustainable and recycled material. You can readily see some options clicking here.

Incorporating these eco-friendly gifting strategies into the organisation’s agenda can be done in a smooth manner by simply complying with the following steps. 

  1. Properly evaluate the impact the gifts have on the environment. 
  2. Collaborate with manufacturers and suppliers whose goals align with the company’s environmental objectives. 
  3. Raise awareness about the benefits of these eco-friendly gifts and encourage the internal teams to purchase them rather than choosing traditional alternatives that are harmful to the environment.  

As we can see, environmentally friendly corporate gifting is a growing trend in today’s world that is not only good for the environment but also boosts the business’s image in the public eye. A corporation can help reduce the overall amount of waste generated by making the conscious decision to opt to procure products that are sustainable. To know more about how you can make your gifting practices green, read this blog