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How To Make Meaningful Gifts A Reality

We often hear that what matters most is the thought and not the action. For this reason, many times, we tend to rush out to the market and buy a gift for our loved ones without really giving a thought about our actions. After all, a gift is a gift and our recipients will definitely […]

Personalized Corporate Gifts – One Of The Best Ways To Advertise Your Business

Who are the most important people for the success of any company or business? What exactly do you need to be a step higher above your competitor? The answer to these two questions is the same; loyal clients and faithful employees. However, most of the time, we rarely value the importance of our loyal customers […]

Gifting in 2020 – To Do Or Not To Do?

As we approach the end of the year, it is a time when organizations are looking at closing the year on a happy note. They are looking for ways to appreciate their teams and clients. It is a great time to show gratitude to the people we are closely related with either by blood or […]

How To Go Green With Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

It always feels good when our friends and family appreciate us with gifts. The cost or value of the gift might not matter as much as the fact that somebody thought of appreciating your presence in their lives. In the same way, it is always good to learn to appreciate people in the corporate world. […]

Top 10 Corporate Gifts For Diwali In 2020

Top 10 Corporate Gifts For Diwali In 2020 With a whirlwind of a year, the pandemic, the lockdowns and the setback across sectors, the festive season is seeing a V shape recovery of the economy in general and across many business verticals. The work from home system has put to test the resilience of the […]

5 Big Reasons Why ‘Work From Home’ Will Not Work For Long

Six months into Covid, and our world has changed in ways, we cannot even comprehend at so many levels. Massive changes in the way we work are becoming our reality. People are predicting the new normal – Work From Home, is here to stay. While it was a norm pre covid too – it was […]

4 Golden Tips To Boost The Happiness Quotient Of Your Teams

Most MNC organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft and even other players across different segments of the industry are quite heavily invested in HR policy creation and its strategic implementation. One of the biggest responsibilities of HR is to ensure the happiness quotient of the teams are taken care of and this ensures people in multiple […]

4 Golden Tips To Make Your Business Thrive In This Pandemic

4 Golden Tips To Make Your Business Thrive In This Pandemic

4 Golden Tips To Make Your Business Thrive In This Pandemic There are many factors that contribute to volatility in any economy. Real wars or trade wars, sanctions, natural disasters and pandemics top the list today. When even one of these factors unleash themselves on any country or sometimes the whole world, we begin to […]

5 Quick Tips To Make ‘Work From Home’ Work For You

5 Quick Tips To Make ‘Work From Home’ Work For You

An organization thrives on creating shared goals, aligning their teams to chase them with the right ideals and painstakingly builds a work culture to support the same. Large organizations invest a good amount of time and resources to ensure they are able to harness the best out of their employees. Work from home, simply defeats […]

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