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How Choosing The Right Gift Can Save The Environment! 

How choosing the right gift can save the environment! 

Gifting is a large part of most cultures around the world and this concept lends itself very well to our current times too. While at the most basic level a gift is a communication of one’s gratitude and appreciation, it has grown deeper over the years and is recognized as one of the most powerful ways to forge long term relationships between people, families, communities and has now grown in a big way in the corporate communities across the globe.

With this ever expanding industry, millions of new products line up on shelves and online stores making you spoilt for choice. Unfortunately whilst gifting is on the rise, so is the situation of global warming. One of the elements that add heavily to global warming are our landfills. As a responsible organization or person, you can save our landfills by choosing the right gifts for all your occasions. How?

Here are 3 simple ways to ensure that you keep our landfills clear of junk

Value over cost: While Warren Buffet uses this as one of his golden rules to invest, I love this perspective when it comes to gifting too. When you choose value over cost you opt for a gift that is useful and is more likely to be appreciated by the recipient.

Branded products: Invest in branded items because they come with the promise of a certain quality, certification, warranties and so on, which overall ensure the product is used for a longer time, is of good quality and therefore stays in circulation for longer.

Utility over occasion: Just to look flashy and have a big box to give don’t opt for a useless gift. Instead spend some time browsing and putting in creative thought before you invest in one. This will for sure change the emotion with which your recipients will view the gift. And your genuine effort will almost always get noticed and appreciated. Gifting is more about the thought than the gift item itself.

With the big gifting season round the corner, these pointers will help you choose the right gift, for the right occasion and will ensure good use by the recipient. As you do this, you begin to invest your money in the right pockets ensuring great Return On Time and Money Invested (ROTMI), making your gifting exercise a win-win for you and the recipient and Mother Earth.

Leena Munot
The Giving Tree