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How Do You Pick The Perfect Gift For Your Foreign Delegates Without Wasting Time

If you are a corporate company with offices in different countries, or a single country presence office but with international clients, then you may often find yourself in a position where giving the right corporate gift becomes important and you don’t know where to start looking. With over twenty years of catering to corporate companies for their foreign delegate gifting, I noticed that more important than what gift to buy, it is first imperative to understand what will make them want to take the gift back home and not leave it at the hotel before taking their flight out.

Here are 3 simple ideas for foreign delegate gifting:

Keep it light – Usually, foreign delegates are traveling to a few more countries before hitting back home, or even if they are heading back to their country, with baggage limits on airlines, you want to ensure you don’t buy them a bulky or fragile item. Look for a gift that is portable, light, compact, easy to pack, and unbreakable making it easy for them to take back home.

Gifting is a part of most cultures and is a great way to forge long term relationships

Souvenir gift –– Opt for a souvenir-based gift. Something that represents the culture, heritage, or that one thing that the country they are visiting is famous for. Eg., the golden gate bridge for San Francisco or the Taj Mahal for India, or the art or architecture of Italy, and so on. Use these specialties to be the central theme around your souvenir gift, so it becomes a gentle and beautiful reminder of the country they have visited.

Gift hampers – Usually when at work, these delegates don’t get an opportunity to go out and see the local places or do any shopping. Ideally, they would like to take home some gifts for the family too. It also works as a beautiful way to thank the family for allowing the person the time to be away from work, and makeup with thoughtful gifts. Taking the cue from this, you may want to go in for Gift Hampers. Hampers are a box full of little, meaningful, and useful gifts that the recipient will be delighted to receive and will be excited to share with family when back home. Let’s face it – no matter who you are, what age you are, and which part of life your journey is around – receiving a well thought gift is always a delight and lights up your face with a smile!

While giving gifts is a gesture that is often appreciated, it takes simple ideas and some genuine effort to make sure the appreciation continues when the gift is opened and used well.