Thank you for being the guiding light


* Do you have a mentor who has helped you selflessly and made a huge difference in your life?

* Say thank you to your mentor with this small token. Great mentors are humble and usually don’t like to accept gifts. They are true givers. This Positively Perfect is a perfect way to thank them. Thank them for their time, effort and support.

* Positively Perfect are the perfect size and they will always find there space on every desk or a wall.

* We ship them with reusable and removable adhesive so that you can put them on any vertical surface if you like.

* All Positively Perfect Pieces are shipped in their own beautiful gift box.

* Designed and conceptualized by Team Pause At Work.

* Proudly hand crafted in India. Every piece is hand made and hand painted one at a time.

MOQ 100 nos
GST  extra

Customization includes Print logo in single colour

Gift wrap
 Rs. 25 extra
Shipping Costs extra based on delivery location. We ship across the globe!

Need more customization based on your specific requirement? Get in touch with us today!

Prices and quantity subject to change.       



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