Thank you for being the guiding light


* Do you have a mentor who has helped you selflessly and made a huge difference in your life?

* Say thank you to your mentor with this small token. Great mentors are humble and usually don’t like to accept gifts. They are true givers. This Positively Perfect is a perfect way to thank them. Thank them for their time, effort and support.

* Positively Perfect are the perfect size and they will always find there space on every desk or a wall.

* We ship them with reusable and removable adhesive so that you can put them on any vertical surface if you like.

* All Positively Perfect Pieces are shipped in their own beautiful gift box.

* Designed and conceptualized by Team Pause At Work.

* Proudly hand crafted in India. Every piece is hand made and hand painted one at a time.

Packing: Our Beautiful Positively Perfect Gift Box

Color : Antique Silver

Size: 3″ length x 1″ width x 3.5″ height


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