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Top 5 Timeless Gifts Of All Time

  • Are you a passionate, but worried HR head? 
  • Worried about which gifts to send your employees and clients this year? 
  • Worried that your seniors may not like your choice of gifts? 
  • Worried that the recipients may not like the gift? 

If that is you, then read on, help is at hand in this blog. The Giving Tree has been helping passionate HR heads like you since 1997, with corporate gifts that are customized, filled with delight and guaranteed to make every employee and client feel special! 

We have had these questions and more thrown at us for the last two decades. We understand the pains of finding the right gift and matching it with the right recipient for the right occasion in the right price range and with the right branding. Our innovation and experience through the journey of serving more than 2500 corporate companies worldwide have taught us the art of creating gifts that the recipients love receiving and the giver loves putting together for them. 

It does not matter if it is a gift that is going from one business to another, or from one organization to another, or from employer to employee, or from the CEO to his counterpart in another company. What matters is that irrespective of who is giving or receiving the gift, they all share one thing in common – every gift is finally going from one person to another. Therefore gifting at the heart of it is an exercise that aims to connect two people in a way that accelerates their relationship building in a positive way. When this relationship is built, fostered and nurtured well, it reaps the benefits of a lifetime for both parties.  It brings in a high level of trust and likeability that only furthers the connection between them. 

Gifting is an essential part of most cultures worldwide with the same intention of helping forge long-term relationships that are win-win. However, when it comes to choosing the right gifts, most companies suffer from an overwhelming number of options and have little or no idea about how to zero in on the best fit for their needs. 

With our vast experience in this field spanning two decades, we have identified some gifting ideas that can never go wrong. When in doubt, these could be your go-to bible and when your search is on for the perfect gift, these tips can guide you better towards zeroing in on the right gifting idea for your requirement. 

We call these our pick of some timeless gift options, that are safe, tried, tested, known to always work their magic and one that touches peoples’ hearts. Here are the top 5 timeless gifts you can give to your employees and clients, and be sure they will love it – every single time! 

Story Gifts 

As the name goes, these are gifts with a story. As humans, we all connect with stories instantly. Stories warm your heart, when narrated well and help make gifting a happy exercise. A gift you choose can carry a story of many kinds – eg., it is sourced locally, hand crafted by a specific set of people, supports a cause, promotes an art form and so on. When you give gifts that carry a story, you provide a platform for that story to not only warm the heart of the recipient, but also give them the opportunity to pass that beautiful story on to more people. This in turn helps you look great in the recipients’ eyes as they appreciate the gift and will remember you for the same, for a long time.  

Green Gifts

These are gifts that are eco friendly and one that strike a cord with nature lovers and eco warriors. These gifts also reflect a lot about who you are and what you believe in as an organization. They give you the opportunity to inspire more people to move in the direction of a greener lifestyle. Do-It-Yourself gardening kits, microgreen kits, seed pencils, handmade paper products, upcycled designer stationery and many such ideas are a good pick in this category. These gifts help in creating more awareness about going green and help us embrace our responsibility towards mother Earth. 

Inspiration Gifts

There are gifts that warm your heart and then there are those rare few that ignite something inside you, every time you see them. Everyone can do with a generous dose of inspiration every now and then – welcome to the world of inspiration gifts. These can be simple affirmations, quotes on products or plaques, desk accessories that are very well designed and give you your daily dose of inspiration through a calendar, wall frame, picture frame or the like. The amazing feature in these gifts is that they can be gifted to people across the board, no matter what age or what position they are in. Inspiration gifts seldom fall flat. 

Innovative Gifts

Sometimes you create products that bring a sense of newness to simple gifts. You innovate on an existing idea and make it better or find something totally unusual and position it as an exclusive innovation. For eg., T-shirts with badges that carry high energy words like you are awesome. You can change the badge daily based on the mood you want it to reflect for you. These can also be sticky gifts that are bound to keep the recipient hooked for a long time. Eg., a kaleidoscope, a puzzle, forgotten games of old times, or a gift that is specifically created to depict a current trend of emotions or how people work. 

Functional Gifts

A gift you can never go wrong with! Yes that is why functional gifts are your fantastic fall back option, when in dire straits or when you want to play safe. These gifts add a great sense of utility to every product, making them un-put-downable, simply because they make your life easier, organized and more convenient. Eg., readymade teas for the travelling executive, a hyper functional laptop bag with slots for all your accessories to be neatly placed, an automatic soup maker for the busy professional, a desk mat and storage box to help you clean up your workspace and so on. 

Gifting when done right can reap a great amount of ROI for any organization. The returns come in the form of happier employees, increased productivity, and better retention. When clients receive meaningful gifts they too carry a great impression about you and enjoy the association of working with your team. Gifting is simple, not easy though. With these tips, we aim to make this process easy on you, no matter what kind of gift you are looking for. 

Leave us a note if you enjoyed reading these tips and let us know what are your challenges in the space of gifting and we will answer your questions through such blogs.