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13 Unusual And Exciting Diwali Gifting Ideas In 2022!

The upcoming festival of Diwali is one of the most ideal times to give gifts to your loved ones, teams and clients. Diwali is a joyous holiday, and the art of giving can make someone else’s Diwali even happier. Corporations across the country and the world celebrate Diwali, by distributing gifts to their teams as a way to say thank you and also to wish them for the festive season. 

Diwali is without a doubt one of the most well-known, cherished, and celebrated holidays in India. Both in India and other countries, it is of great significance. Numerous other cultures around the world celebrate the festival of lights in addition to Hindus.

One of the most cherished Diwali customs is giving and receiving presents from loved ones and your teams as a way to appreciate and share your joy with them. Making your employees, customers, and clients feel cherished and treasured is crucial in the business world. What better way to let them know you care than by giving them thoughtful gift baskets? You can browse through The Giving Tree’s wide selection of environmentally friendly goods and pick the present that best fits your needs and budget, or you can just pick from our tastefully selected selection of many other corporate gifts like tea gifts, coffee makers, gift hampers and gourmet gift packs. 

We have selected the best 13 corporate Diwali gift suggestions to help you make a selection.

Festive Kraft Box Mini

Happiness does not have to cost the Earth! This mini box of goodness comes with a pack of massive happiness wrapped into it. Enjoy some tea, sparkles and our super exotic mouth freshener! This unique mouth freshener is an in house curation – thanks to the founders Mala and Leena who are die hard foodies and are always trying out new combinations that add delight to the palette. We bet you will come back asking for more.

Festive Puzzle Gift Set – Round

Make this festive season an engaging and fun filled time with your loved ones and colleagues. Indulge yourself in the goodness of healthy nuts and dry fruits, bring in some light and enjoy some game time with this wooden puzzle. This gift guarantees many playful hours that will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and feeling child-like all over again!

Festive Puzzle Gift Set – Square New 

A little play goes a long way – pick this gift box to add a new sparkle to your festive season. Go ahead, get spoilt for choice as you pick the colours and designs you love from our best design templates! Use the colourful bunting to add that touch of festivity to your decor and bring in the joy of Diwali amidst vibrant colours. 

Mithaiwali Chai 

Bringing together an eclectic range of mithais from each corner of the country and blending their flavour with handcrafted teas at source from some world renowned Tea Estates makes this a super star gift for the season! It is a first from the house of Goodwyn Tea! The packaging wins a 5 star applause for its styling, colours and design – this gift box is guaranteed to make every recipient squeal with delight. 

Celebration Gift Box of 4 – Kraft

Ring in the celebrations of the festive season with innovative and creative gifts that will delight every recipient. Flex those gifting muscles as we offer you incredibly flexible options to choose from. This box of goodness comes complete with a hand picked selection of eats combined with great design options to ensure your gifts look unique, classy and elegant! Go ahead, get spoilt for choice as you pick the colours and designs you love from our design templates! No one can better this package – we can bet on it! 

Tray With 6 Coasters 

Home decor trays with matching coasters to brighten up your guest experiences. Embellished with beautiful fabric and covered with glass, these are sure to make heads turn at your next party! These trays make an ideal diwali gift for your clients too. Made using festive silk finished fabric and covered neatly, make them long lasting, looking fresh after each use and are easy to maintain.  

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Festive Green Gift Set – New 

When you are in a mood to celebrate this festive season and want to do it in a GREEN way, then this gift set will steal your heart. Grow your own set of micro greens, harvest them and enjoy them in soups, salads and more. Get healthy, go green, spread light and joy to your teams, clients and loved ones. Gourmet chocolates in assorted flavours to add the right kind of sweetness to your gift. And the delicately designed candles to add the light of joy and cheer. The colourful bunting is a bonus and total show stopper!

Assorted Collection Tin Box

Assorted tea bags collection is a great one to do compact gifting. With 20 smashingly refreshing tea bags, this is one great value for money and is sure to win every heart, cup after cup of chai! 

Wacaco Nanopresso

Get a mouthful of delicious coffee with caramel crema on the go with Wacaco’s Nanopresso, available in a compact and sleek design that is perfect while car-camping, living on the road, or traveling for work. The Nanopresso redefines the espresso maker genre and sets new standards as it comes from a reputed brand that comes up with some of the most creative and innovative portable espresso machines.

Money Consciousness Workshop!

An unusual but perfectly timed gift is our money consciousness workshop. Diwali is a time when we expect bonuses and before it even lands into our accounts, we have planned to spend it all in purchasing those upmarket white goods, cars or spend on that international vacation. While there is no harm in doing so, when not planned well, this can lead to wealth drain in the long run. Because remember it is never about how much money you make – it is about how you manage the money you make, that decides your financial future! We have facilitated this workshop across the globe and can vouch for the deep impact it can have on your money blueprint. This is one of our most thoughtful diwali gift picks! Like we say – unusual , but perfectly timed. 

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Festive Tea Gift Set 

Enjoy many cups of Masala Chai with a premium mug to match the mood and festive lights to bring in some sparkle. Diwali gifting is all about adding a touch of class to your gifts and making them customized for your needs. 

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Art Gift Set – Gond

Gond is a folk and tribal art from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, India. The artists use natural colors derived from charcoal, colored soil, plant sap, and leaves. This mystical art form is created by putting together dots and lines. The imaginative use of the line imparts a sense of movement to the still images.

A beautiful, compact and arty gift idea. This set comes with reprints of original artworks of Gond, created by highly skilled artists, making it easy for you to own a piece of art, adorn the walls of your home or office with them and enjoy many moments of creative appreciation and reflection. The outer box makes a great place to collect keepsakes or store stationery. 

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Aroma candles

Pick from a wide range of beautiful candles made using high quality wax and lead-free wicks to make sure your space lights up with the right notes of different fragrances with each use. Available in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. 

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While there are many different options for gifting during Diwali, the above list is our top pick for this season. Gifting is always personal – whether a company does it or an individual does it. At The Giving Tree we understand this at a deep level and therefore make suggestions that add a fresh tone of appreciation and warmth to every gift you pick. Our gifts have been delivering delight since 20 years to lakhs of users worldwide. Allow us to help spread the same joy and delight to your organizations today. 

Give us a shout and we’ll call you to curate the most interesting gifts for your teams, clients and loved ones.