3 Reasons Why You MUST Plan Your Gifting…

3 Reasons Why You MUST Plan Your Gifting...

As we make the New Year a year to count with hard work, deeper commitment, and a higher drive to chase our purpose…let’s not forget to spend time nurturing those relationships that matter, spending time with self in introspection, and making time to buy meaningful gifts that speak a different language. If a picture speaks a thousand words then a well thought gift speaks of how much that person means to you. 

Every time the occasion is around the corner, teams run helter-skelter to look for vendors who can offer something new, within the budget, and also something that is different looking. Lack of time and resources come at a price! You have to settle for less by paying more. You get a not-so-ideal corporate gift, with the wrong branding or no branding (because it is last minute) and it would be asking for too much if you insist on gift wrapping. 

Here are 3 reasons why planning those gifts in advance is a great idea:

1.   Save time – Plan ahead at the beginning of the year so you can look for the right products, and right vendors and share with them your list of gifting occasions, so together you can see many options, plan to procure them in the required numbers and give your vendor the delivery schedule. This can be a one-time exercise, which helps you save many man-hours and stress during the year when it comes to getting those gifts. Every minute saved is a minute earned and can be put to more productive use by focusing on your core business. 

2.   Better negotiation – When time is not a constraint, as a buyer you stand a better chance to negotiate and get a good deal, on win-win terms, both for you and the vendor, making it a happy working relationship. It also gives you the free hand to scan the vendor’s services and be assured about the quality of deliverables. 

3.   Impress your clients – A well-thought-out gift speaks a different language. It reaches you at the right time from the vendor, and you, therefore, are able to send the gift to the recipient on time. Eg., a new year Diary can reach your client around 25th Dec, so the recipient feels special and appreciates your timely gift, as opposed to sending him a diary around the end of January! (it’s a fact!) The value of a gift increases when it reaches on time and depreciates drastically when it reaches late, can you think of a birthday gift you received a week later? Did you make you as happy? 

Gifting is all about making people feel special. A little care and planning go a long way in communicating the same to the recipient – be it a client, an associate, a colleague, or your boss!  

Call us or meet us today to plan gift options for various occasions throughout the year, so we can help you make gifting a hassle-free and happy experience. We’ve been doing it for over two decades now…it’s time you meet us soon!