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4 Golden Tips To Boost The Happiness Quotient Of Your Teams

Most MNC organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft and even other players across different segments of the industry are quite heavily invested in HR policy creation and its strategic implementation. One of the biggest responsibilities of HR is to ensure the happiness quotient of the teams are taken care of and this ensures people in multiple locations across the globe, working with the organization are inspired and productive. Given the current times organizations no longer have direct access to the pulse, on the mental health and happiness quotient of its employees. No more indoor engagement and trainings or counsellor help is available. Similarly, outbound trainings to build better bonding among teams is also put on hold. So then, how does one ensure that people and their well being are taken care of?

Here are our 4 golden tips to help HR departments of organizations to help raise the happiness quotient of their teams.

Encourage Upskilling

At these times many online learning opportunities have opened up on Udemy, Coursera, Simplilearn and so on providing team purchases at great discounts. This helps your teams to upskill themselves and use this downtime to invest in their learning. It creates a sense of purpose along with keeping them hungry to learn more and manage more.

Boost Mental Health 

Provide online access to employees to vent and share their mental health issues. A counsellor or life coach can help them alleviate anxiety, stress around longer working hours, uncertainty of the job and even to air their personal challenges around the home front. This could include concerns around single income issues, kids at home, having to juggle financial plans, beefing up insurance premiums, investing more in health care for elderly and so on.

Online Non-Work Huddle

Let all online meetings not be about a project at hand. You can schedule in a weekly online session that is non work in nature. An hour a week, to bond with the team, sharing a coffee across the screens, applauding the team for its wins, sharing an inspiring story, hearing them out about health concerns if any, doing a group activity like meditation together, or talking about their progress on their goals and offering to help, guide or mentor each other.

Show Them You Care

This is clearly the magic wand in all the 4 tips and most potent. While the first two tips go a long way in supporting employee morale, the one that ropes in the relationship into a strong bond is when they know how much you care. And this fortunately is no rocket science, yet its simplicity makes it seem less effective. Just a simple way to connect with them through these times, a heartfelt conversation or a personalized gift with a note to add some cheer to their WFH days or a little element of surprise, send them an award recognizing their efforts.

(A WFH gift to brighten up their space or make their work easier – indoor plants, ergonomic chairs, timers, noise cancellation headsets, sippers, mugs, mouse pads, picture frames. music and more.)

True that money can buy products you desire and more, but the joy that one feels when you receive a surprise gift, with your name on it, from a manager or your team head applauding you for your work, patting you on the back and letting you know that you matter – is beyond priceless.

If you liked these 4 tips, do share them with your teammates, send in your comments on what happiness tricks you think will work 🙂

Leena Munot
The Giving Tree