Before 2015 ends!

We enter the last week of 2015 and today is the last Sunday! As you prepare to welcome the New Year with new resolutions, a stronger resolve to achieve your goals and to move to your life to a whole new level, how about a reflective date with yourself today? Most of us go through years of our life working to make ends meet and make sure we are able to survive and grow at a reasonable pace. When one goal is achieved we quietly move to the next job on hand…do we take the time to stop and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done or for a goal achieved? The goal setting loop is incomplete when all you do is set goals and go all out and achieve them. You complete the loop when you celebrate your achievements.

Celebrating your achievements is a great way to communicate with and thank the universe for turning your goals and dreams into a reality. You are expressing your appreciation for all the efforts and sacrifices you made to ensure you achieved those goals. So on the last Sunday of 2015, I am inspired to share with you, these four important to-dos before we usher in the New Year. All it needs is an hour of your time to make a list of these, yes, I mean write them down so it gives your thoughts a definite form on paper.

Achievements: List all that you achieved in the last 52 weeks in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, making a difference, finance, personal growth and career. All that goes into the bank account is not the only way to measure an achievement. There are hearts you have touched, smiles you have brought and you may have broken away from your limiting beliefs. This is the time to acknowledge all those wins – big and small. Every little win counts and shapes your tomorrow, so go ahead and write them down.

What things you got done as per your plan: Once the above list is ready, against each win mark a tick if it was something you had set as a goal to begin with. Had you set out to park 20% of your earnings in a mutual fund? Did you achieve it? Great, then use a tick mark to indicate the same. These tick marks will tell you how much your planning has helped and is a great way to appreciate your planning skills.

“Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life” – Northrup Christiane

Miracles: Did the universe send surprises your way? Which of the achievements happened without you planning for it? Every once in a way, each of us is pleasantly surprised with how things suddenly fall in place or how something totally unexpected happens. You may not have planned for it or even dreamt of it. But because this happened, your life is happier, fuller and more content. Did an ailing relationship get better? Did an obstacle in the path of personal growth take care of itself? Did someone go out of their way to make something happen for you? Did an incredible opportunity just land in your lap? Mark a different tick against each such achievement you had not planned for and that still happened. Listing out these little miracles brings into our awareness the role of divine timing for everything to happen in our lives.

What did you resist? This is the time to make a note of those actions that you know you needed to take to move forward towards your goals, but you somehow didn’t feel like doing it because resistance kicked in. A simple example could be that you planned to walk 5 days a week, but ended up walking only 2 days a week, only for a few weeks of the year. Or planning to put away a certain amount for your child’s education each quarter and you missed a quarter. Procrastination is a silent killer and is present in most of our days in more ways than one. This is the place where you can make a list of the actions you didn’t do this year.

Action time: Review your list and make sure you celebrate all that you achieved, planned or unplanned, to feed your sub conscious mind with rewards for a job well done. Express gratitude and appreciation to those who contributed to your journey in 2015. And now that you are aware around those things you resisted, make a conscious effort to uncover the real reason for the same and find support to work around those things. A very simple yet effective way is to take up one thing you procrastinate and do it today. Tomorrow pick one more and do it. At the end of the month you would’ve done 30 such things and guess what, you have taken back your power in your hands.

Beginning a new year on a energy that resonates on gratitude and appreciation for ourselves and for all that we received and achieved in the last year ups our frequencies to a whole new level. Gear up, shift your playing field for the next year and bid a happy goodbye to 2015!