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Corporate Gifting — Not A Routine Spend Any More!

There is an increasing sense of disconnection from the team goals, lack of in-person meetings is causing unprecedented zoom fatigue and an overall sense of gloom. An interesting way many organizations have adopted to make their employees feel valued and their clients feel important during these times is through the magical tool called Corporate Gifting.

A recent survey by Forbes, reveals how gifting went from becoming a routine business spend to a priority spend during the pandemic.

Corporate gifting is a great tool to recognize employees and strengthen relationships with clients or partners. But the pandemic has shifted this by several notches and created a sense of urgency and priority for gifting.

While gifting is all about making someone feel valued, it is also very important that you take care of the value of the gift, and match it with your recipients in the right proportion, so they don’t feel obligated or uncomfortable receiving the gift. As the festive season opens up many avenues to send out gifts to clients, employees and stakeholders, exercise great care to make sure you pick the perfect gift to create the right impact. While it is proof that a well thought gift leaves a lasting impression, an inappropriate gift leaves a lasting bad taste.

Here are our top recommendations with some tips to help you zero in on the perfect gift this season.

Team gifts — With teams sitting in remote locations, a well-chosen gift becomes a very effective way to keep employees connected and reward them for work performance. Sending gifts like laptop pillows, cable holders, notebooks, headphones and some healthy goodies can win them over, because they can sense your care for their well-being.

Event attendees — With corporate events going digital, a gift box for valued attendees adds a touch of reality to an otherwise virtual event. Custom madeawards with a personal note from the team head is a great way to win this one! The whole family feels a sense of connection with the organization, when they see their member being recognized in such a special way.

Client gifts — Likewise, client relationships that were fading away find a new lease of life, with a well-chosen gift that bridges the gap. Sending out branded gift hampers with premium pens, desktop accessories and goodies is a brilliant way to enhance these relationships. While you go all out to connect with them, remember not to cross that line by going overboard.

Now more than ever, a well chosen corporate gift can help you cement those client relationships, reduce employee attrition, increase customer loyalty and increase team productivity. Do it right and get a super ROI on your gifting exercise — make a difference and let it show in their smiles!

Happy shopping!

Leena Munot
Co founder
The Giving Tree