Dos & Don’ts Of Gifting This Dassera

Dos & Don’ts Of Gifting This Dassera

Navratri marks the celebration of the victory of peace, courage and knowledge over evil. With the Navaratri festivities on in full swing across the country, it is a great time to meet with family, friends and relatives to enjoy these 9 days of celebrations. Lip smacking delicacies, new clothes, the beautiful decoration of the idols in homes and giving and receiving of gifts keeps everyone super busy at this time of the year.

Here are a quick list of some do’s and don’ts around gifting during the festival.


Choose your return gifts wisely – A good place to start is to look for eco friendly options like plants, seed bombs, microgreens, terrariums, cloth bags, lamps and so on. Remember when you are spending that money, you might as well spend it on something useful.

Time is the best gift – When you invite or visit people this festive season, make sure you give them your time – whether it to chant together, enjoy the festivities with them or simply spend a few hours being of assistance to them.

Opt for healthier sweet options – Instead of the usual sugar filled sweets, opt for healthier options like granola bars, or make sweets using palm sugar, brown sugar or jaggery.


Say no to show pieces – With the increasing awareness to hoard less and use less, going minimal is in fashion finally! No matter what the budget, there are a plethora of options available in the market, both online and offline to ensure you find a gift that is high in utility and functionality.

Say no to cheap plastic boxes – Remember all the odd sized and shaped dabbas you have collected over the years? Chances are the most would have come in at a time like this when everyone is visiting and gift you one more odd shaped plastic dabba. If you are like me, then this box immediately goes to the charity box.

Are there are any innovative ideas you have for adding to our list of dos and don’ts? Leave a comment below.

Leena Munot
The Giving Tree