Gifting In Corona Times

Gifting In Corona Times

With multiple lock downs, social distancing and restrictions in movement have turned into a new norm. It appears that this situation is here to stay for a larger part of 2020. This makes it imperative to ensure we handle the toll all this is going to take on us as a species that thrives on company of people in the form of teams, friends and families.

Celebrations and meetings have moved to our screens through online group video calls facilitated by many platforms. Just as much as we miss the human connection at work, being part of a team and connecting with our colleagues, we miss even more the joy of having our people over to celebrate birthdays, festivals and other occasions.

“Humans are an incredibly social species and one of the things that sets us apart is forming and maintaining relationships with others. Gift giving around holidays, birthdays, graduations, or weddings is a great opportunity to reinforce those relationships,” says Daniel Farrelly, a psychology professor at the University of Worcester.

Just as so much has changed during these times, gifting too is going through a sea change. Here are 3 quick gifting tips for you to reach out to your loved ones during these times and make up for not being around in person.

Digital Gifts – Several gifting stores have moved to an online format offering digital gifts – like vouchers that can be redeemed, e cards, e slam books, e posters, guitarists singing away your favourite tune for you and so on. Some even offer a digital version a gift for now, and then send the physical gift when markets open, calling these single gifts with double delight!  

Sunny Day Gifts – These are gifts that are purchased with the intention of using it at a later date once everyday life has returned to normal. With e commerce and logistics opening up, this is a great way to pick some cool and unusual gifts online and have them delivered to you. A good pick in this could be gifts that lift your spirits and fill you with hope and courage. 

Physical Gifts – No matter the availability of the above two options, one cannot deny the joy that a physical present brings to you. It says a lot about the giver, his thoughtfulness and care behind sending you a gift that is personalized. In these times, gifting some well designed face masks in cotton with beautiful prints, personal care kits that include coffee mugs and sippers are a super idea.

So what are you waiting for? Pick any of the top three in any order that works for you and send out gifts this season, to let your teams, family and friends know you care. Gifting is more to do with the gesture and less to do with the price tag. A thoughtful gift could be a newspaper rolled pen or an ecard, the choice is yours and is sure to delight the recipient.