Top 10 Corporate Gifts For Diwali In 2020

Top 10 Corporate Gifts For Diwali In 2020

With a whirlwind of a year, the pandemic, the lockdowns and the setback across sectors, the festive season is seeing a V shape recovery of the economy in general and across many business verticals. The work from home system has put to test the resilience of the IT and Services sector. With a list of Indian festivals round the corner, the mood is upbeat! Organizations want to treat their teams with some awesome goodies and want to thank their vendors and clients for their support during these times.

Here is a list of the top 10 corporate gifting options for Diwali in 2020

1.Local Gifts
With the fiery #vocalforlocal #atmanirbharbharat #selfreliantindia hashtags, procurement and HR heads are seeking Indian made products for gifts this season. Products like desktop accessories that make for a runaway hit almost always, are a safe bet to go with, more so, if they are locally made.

Our picks – Stationery Gift Sets


2.Instant Gifts
For those clients and teams you cannot access due to the current situation, these gifts are a good option. Referred to as digital gifts also, these are gifts that are fully customized and delivered electronically. If you want to check out single gifts with double delight, then this one is a must – you not only get a digital version, but a real gift is also sent along to make it a super experience.

Our picks – Instant Gifts to express gratitude, appreciation and inspiration.

3.Handmade Gifts
All things hand crafted are a preferred choice this season, as large corporate companies are opting to spend their budgets on businesses that need it the most, need to stay alive and are doing some great work. These gifts carry a unique story of being handmade which will instantly warm the hearts of the recipients.

Our picks – Madhubani Hamper, Diya with picture frame


4.Utility Gifts
When in doubt, opt for functionality over looks. This ensures the recipient will use the gift and not simply hand it down to someone else or even worse, discard it. When choosing utility, pick the ones with relevant features and from a reliable brand, so you don’t cut a sorry face.

Our picks – Notebooks with power bank

5.Creative Gifts
When you want to unleash their creativity then the gift has to be one that matches that mood. Creative gifts are hard to find, since they need to match customization requirements to be considered a feasible idea.

Our picks – Dream, Think and Create Gift Set, Dream Big Gift Set. Fully customizable with logo.

6.Unique Gifts
Hampers that bring in style, functionality and design are always appreciated. With uniqueness in their concept and presentation, some gifts walk away with this label with great aplomb.

Our picks – Black and White Series

7.Gourmet Gifts
No matter what, gourmet is always in fashion. And there are plentiful options right from dark chocolates with jaggery to artisan chocolates in unique flavours like passion fruit, ginger, blueberry to name a few. And there is a wide plethora of dry fruits with mouth watering combinations like almonds coated with honey and pepper and so on. These gifts are an all time favourite when you want to move away from the traditional sweets at these times.

Our pick – Artisan chocolates box, Diya with Dry Fruits


8.Health Gifts
The growing impetus on health is visible as more and more health brands are making their presence felt in these times. Products that are organic, good for health and promote a sense of wellness are good options in this category.

Our picks – Immunity Booster, Rescue Remedy


9.Work From Home Range
These are everyday use products that add a touch of freshness and delight to their working space at home. A range of gifts that make their days more productive and light.

Our picks – Wireless Headphones, USB Chargers, Indoor plants


10.Out Of The Box Gifts
These are gifts that are truly out of the box, in what they offer as an innovative idea. Add to this a dash of class and some quirkiness. Pick these if you are looking for options that are good for busting some stress and bringing a childlike smile on the recipients face.

Our picks – Kaleidoscope, Stress Buster Kit

No matter which category you choose to go with, ensure that the recipient has use for the gift. This means you need to know your recipient well enough. Any gift becomes meaningful when it delivers joy, utility and a personalized message to go with it.  And here is a bonus as always – you can also look for GREEN GIFTS that will make the recipient and mother earth feel special! So happy shopping!

Leena Munot
The Giving Tree