Why do you need an Accountability Partner!

Every four years we are blessed with one extra day and date– Feb 29th! What are you doing about it? As human beings we constantly look for external motivating factors to charge us up and get us going. True that external factors do help – but not until you are willing to take a Leap…a leap of faith in that direction!

For those of us who truly believe in setting and having written goals, this could be a valuable read.  This article is dedicated to the dreamer in each one of us. Once you set a goal, start work and see small progress each day, you gain momentum towards achieving more and more success in that direction. However, everyday life and old patterns takes over sooner or later. Weather changes, our moods change, our motivation to set out and perform at peak levels each day diminishes and slowly we find ourselves on a downward spiral. Have you wondered why, when you have begun on a great note, moving upwards and forward towards your dream life, suddenly you slow down or almost stop?

I have personally struggled with this one for years, and was seeking ways to combat this. How could I fill this gap between my dreams and my achievements? It was not until early this year that I found the answer to this. In fact the answer lies in the question…How could I fill the gap? GAP is the answer. Get an Accountability Partner to fill the GAP. Fill the GAP with GAP!

Get an Accountability Partner to help you fill the GAP between your dreams and your success!

Although this idea has been around in the achiever circles for long, I quickly realised that it was the most under-utilized tool to goal achievement. Most people under estimate the power of getting an accountability partner and they have interesting excuses – who will wake me up at 5 am everyday? Who has the time? Who cares? It is so embarrassing to ask for help. It will make me look weak and in-disciplined. Why bother? Do you see yourself in these excuses, can you think of more?

Contrary to the above, getting yourself an accountability partner could be game changing! Find an accountability partner in a friend, a colleague, a mentor, an associate, a family member…anyone who really cares deeply for you and wishes to see you succeed! And here are some reasons to get one soon:

  1. Accountable: When you find and assign someone to be your accountability partner, as the word says, you become accountable to them, you become answerable to them for your progress. If you are someone like me, then this alone is good enough reason to initially wake up and jump out of bed at 5 am each day to do my work out!
  2. Compassionate coaching: Your accountability partner cares deeply enough for you and shows compassion by empathising with your reasons and yet firmly asks you to put them away and take action anyway. Because he is equally committed to your success and will pull, push, kick, tug…or do anything that is required to get you there.
  3. Lifts your spirits: With whom can you celebrate small successes like waking up at 5 am each morning for a whole week? Yes, you are right! Only with your accountability partner, who truly understands with how much grit you have achieved this little win. He understands different people find different challenges that they need to deal with to move forward.
  4. Has your back: This is the most potent reason you would want to get an accountability partner for. When you fail, slow down, fall, stumble, lose faith, lose motivation, don’t feel inspired enough…this partner lifts you up with his words of encouragement like a true coach, with his never say die attitude and above all, his commitment towards your success.

So what are you waiting for? With this extra day in your year, make this Leap year count! Take that leap of faith and find your accountability partner and double up your speed on the road to goal achievement and volunteer yourself to help give wings to the dreams of other dreamers by becoming their accountability partner someday soon! As I write this blog, I just signed up with an accountability partner who will help me grow my business to 10x! I got my Accountabiliy Partner…good luck with your search!